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With today’s busy life, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with all the work that needs to be done around the home. Along with that, we should find a minute to tidy up our houses. We can do this daily cleaning in the morning or in the evening when we have this free “ hard to find” minute. On the surface it seems that it is not a hard task but if we have too many uncleaned places to cover it becomes not so easy to do and it really takes our valuable time. It is very complicaded and time demanded piece of work to dust the furtinure, clean the walls, vacuum all flors, carpets, upholstery, wash all floors, clean bathrooms, kitchen and other rooms.

All this can seem to take up all our precious time, but it is a necessary part of regular housekeeping. It is a step-by-step process to get our house clean and shining. For many people this process is daunting work. Then, they decide to do only a monthly cleaning. They arrange the day and time to cope with all the necessary stuff. This task is difficult, time consuming and sometimes unpleasant ( there can be a big mess in the house after the mounth without cleaning). But it is a chore that should be done anyway.

There are cases when mounthly cleaning is not enough. For example, without vacuuming our home on a weekly basis, a dust can trigger allergies and respiratory issues for our family. There are areas wich should be vacuumed on a daily basis. Other areas of our homes receive such a frequent use that they need weekly cleaning.

More time is required on the first initial cleaning, when we move-in to a new house. First, we focus on our kitchen and bathrooms and than thoroughly clean the rest of the home. For example, we can focus on the sleeping and living areas.

Regular cleaning demands lees time because in this case we try to keep our house clean all the time long. It helps us if we don’t have the extra day to clean in our schedule. Besides this, it prevents us from more intense cleaning later.

Planning a special event involve a lot of work. We should be ready for this special one time cleaning. When we are expecting an important guest to come or we decide to organize some party and invite many guests, perhaps we should do a special occasion cleaning to transform our house into a nice place where we would be able to enjoy the party. After this pary our home also can be in a right mess. To restore our home back to its sparkling self we will need all the necessary supplies and desire to tidy up our home throughout. We can take pride in our work after finishing the cleaning and start to plan a new party.