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San Yi Housekeeping Service co.,Ltd

San Yi Maid House Cleaning guangzhou & Maid Services Guang Zhou-FAQ
Question Can I trust Mary Maid with my home?
Answer Yes, San Yi maids often come to clean homes while the clients are away. You can trust Mary maids with your home.
Question Are Mary maids well trained?
Answer Yes, San Yi  maids are receiving continuous and professional training every month. We are more loyal and more trust-worthy.
Question Do Mary maids speak English?
Answer San Yi  maids are trained to speak simple English.
Question Should I leave the key to the maid?
Answer We don't suggest our clients to leave the key to the maid. All the important and valuable items in your household shall be locked and stored well.
Question Can I leave the babies or children with the maid?
Answer Babies and/or children shall be attended by the client and/or client’s family. All San Yi  Maid’s nanny services shall be carried under client’s and/or client’s family’s direct supervision.