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How to Find a Nanny in Guangzhou

How do you find and keep a good nanny? Here are the basics - keep an open mind, get your feet wet, do your homework, and trust yourself. You'll find the solution you need.
Kinds of Nannies
There are live-in and live-out nannies and some nannies who care for children in their own homes. There are full time and part time nannies, certified and self-taught nannies, younger and older nannies, experienced nannies and talented newcomers, shared nannies and even male nannies.
What Nannies Do
The basic job is to protect, love, play with, and teach the children in her care, and then to share her insights with you. As for specific activities, depending on how many hours/week a nanny is to work, most parents will want her to engage their children in activities that they'd like to do themselves, some of that being a matter of time, some of it a matter of skills. The other basic of the nanny's duties is child-related housekeeping. Don't expect her to become the housekeeper, the maid, the family chauffeur & pet sitter, your personal assistant, or your best friend and confidant. Let her focus on your child.